Yr Hogyn Pren
Suitable for all ages but reference is made to the death of a child and grief
30 minutes


Life can be tough when you’re made of driftwood, but will the Hogyn Pren’s magic return to the surface once more?

After captivating audiences at the 2023 Llŷn ac Eifionydd National Eisteddfod, this magical adventure for the whole family comes to the Opening Doors Festival.

Created by Owain Gwynn. Script by Elidir Jones. Puppets designed and created by Small World Theatre.

12/03/202409:30:00Aberystwyth Promenade (next to the Bandstand)Free
12/03/202412:30:00Aberystwyth Promenade (next to the Bandstand)Free
13/03/202409:30:00School (not a public performance)-
13/03/202410:30:00School (not a public performance)-
13/03/202412:30:00Arts Centre, AberystwythFree
13/03/202414:00:00School (not a public performance)-