We Touch, We Play, We Dance
45 minutes

Four dancers weave around the space, inviting babies and children to join them in a warm-hearted and playful performance. With music mixed live by a DJ, the dancers respond to the children, guiding them through a series of exchanges and encounters, with high fives, hugs and dancing. We Touch, We Play, We Dance is a mesmerising, engaging and fun performance for children under 3. It’s a show filled with surprises and joys where you and your child can listen and watch or let loose and join in, either way, you’ll have a wonderful time.

15/03/202410:15:00Studio, Aberystwyth Arts CentreBuy Ticket
15/03/202413:15:00Studio, Aberystwyth Arts CentreBuy Ticket
16/03/202411:45:00Studio, Aberystwyth Arts CentreBuy Ticket