“So, what’s it like round here?”

This is the story of a girl called Maya. A girl who is always thirteen. A girl who is always on the move. It is a story of a never-ending search for the last safe place on earth.  It’s about home, refugees, travelling, identity and young people.

Maya is both ordinary and extraordinary; a schoolgirl and a traveller. She tells tales of classroom conflicts and flights across deserts. She talks of ice cream dreams and thwarted revolutions. These stories weave together, and the local and the global and the personal and political collide.



20/03/2019 at 11.00am, TBC

20/03/2019 at 1.30pm, TBC


Company: Theatr Iolo & The Riverfront

Country: Wales

Language: English

Age: 11+

Writer, Performer and Co-Director. Catherine Dyson

Director Andy Smith

Sound Artist  Lewis Gibson