The River Says

Poet Clare Potter and jazz/Welsh folk quartet, The Slippery Fish, will take you on a river’s journey from source to sea. Along the riverbanks and deep in the current, real and fantastical creatures will share stories. The river has something to tell us about friendship, nature and the connectedness of all things.

The Slippery Fish  comprises member of the band BURUM led by the trumpeter Tomos Williams who is originally from Aberystwyth.



19/03/2019 at 6.00pm, Hwb Penparcau

20/03/2019 at 9.30pm, TBC

20/03/2019 at 1.30pm, TBC


Company: Clare Potter and The Slippery Fish

Country: Wales

Language: Performed in English with some Welsh.

Age: 7+ and families

Composer and Trumpet: Tomos Williams

Drums: Mark O'Connor

Double Bass: Aidan Thorne

Pipes and Flutes: Patrick Rimes

Words: Clare Potter