A Seed Story

A Seed Story is a heart-warming performance accompanied by gayageum string, songs, hand puppets and storytelling. There was a girl who walks tightrope and there was a boy who sells holes. One day, the wind made the girl do a wondrous triple tumbling and arrive in front of the boy - and they fell in love each other. After getting married, they dreamed the same dream in which they got the rainbow seed from an old lady...



22/03/2019 at 9.45am, Aberstwyth Arts Centre

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22/03/2019 at 1.15pm, Aberstwyth Arts Centre

Tickets available soon.

23/03/2019 at 11.00am, Aberstwyth Arts Centre

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Company: 42creative

Country: South Korea

Language: Performed in English with some Korean

Age: 5+

Performed By: Kim, So Ree

The name of director: Kim, So Ree

Stage designer: Kim, Mi Kyoung

Light designer: Kim, Yong Ho

Costume designer: Kang, Jung Hwa

Music director: Lee, Ja Ram

Stage manager: Cha, Sang Won