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Finally, a week with the Agor Drysau Opening Doors festival.

The weeklong festival came with lots of different performances. They were mixed with fun, love, pain, reality, humor, and art. The 27 different countries represented at the festival all took Continue reading

Diwrnod rhyngwladol y Menywod.

Celebrating International Women’s day with Arad Goch family.

When I got an email from Jeremy listing the details for the women’s day special programs, I decided that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful celebration. In Wales, women Continue reading

Parade with Arad Goch.

Parade with Arad Goch Theatre Company on St David’s day


On my second day, I found my table and task and started my work for the festival. Simultaneously I felt like I was disturbing to friends, asking so many Continue reading

Launch night!

Launch night!

Come to the Opening Doors launch night on the 21st of February at the Ceredigion Museum!

What’s happening during the evening?

Arad Goch’s director Jeremy Turner will be giving a short presentation discussing all the goings on at the festival Continue reading

5 weeks to go!

5 weeks to go!

Arad Goch have been very busy recently and the time is truly flying by! With only 5 weeks to go the company has been throwing everything at the promotional side of things and really ramping up the tempo! In this Continue reading