Launch night!

Launch night!

Come to the Opening Doors launch night on the 21st of February at the Ceredigion Museum!

What’s happening during the evening?

Arad Goch’s director Jeremy Turner will be giving a short presentation discussing all the goings on at the festival including some of the highly anticipated shows. He’ll also be giving you information about at the fringe events such as the seminars, workshops and discussions for the first time.

The main event on the launch night will be a showing of Jerry the Tyke.

Believe it or not Welsh animation didn’t begin with SuperTed or Fireman Sam but with Jerry the Troublesome Tyke.

Jerry’s harum-scarum adventures are delightfully fresh and Norman Price is an angel compared to Jerry! First shown in cinemas in the 1920’s, Jerry is full of fun, getting in to mischief at the dog show, as a cowboy and looking for treasure. Originally silent, the cartoons have been given an extra dimension with Arad Goch’s own Simon Lovatt, playing live during the showing.

The evening is held at the Ceredigion Museum so capacity is limited, so it’s a must that you book in advance. Tickets are free and you can acquire them by calling Arad Goch on 01970 617998 or sending a quick email to



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