Suitable for all ages
35 minutes

A joyful contemporary dance performance which celebrates culture, identity and community. Inspired by the interweaving and flowing patterns of traditional Welsh folk-dancing combined with the pulsating energy of Queer nightlife, QWERIN reflects on notions of Queerness and Welshness. Set to an original soundtrack created by some of Wales’ most renowned musicians and showcasing costumes that give a new edge to the Welsh traditional dress, QWERIN truly is a feast for the senses.

QWERIN was created in 2021 as a commission from Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Art Consortium and was developed into a full-length work in 2022 with funding support from Arts Council Wales and additional support from the National Dance Company of Wales.

14/03/202409:30:00Aberystwyth Arts CentreFree
14/03/202416:15:00National Library of WalesFree