5 weeks to go!

5 weeks to go!

Arad Goch have been very busy recently and the time is truly flying by! With only 5 weeks to go the company has been throwing everything at the promotional side of things and really ramping up the tempo! In this blog post I’ll walk you through the websites main features.

First off, let’s talk about our brand new website!

If you’ve reached here welcome; you’ve already had a quick look at the website!

Did you see the productions tab?

Every production has its own profile. Float your mouse over the box and you’ll find it changes, if you then click on it it’ll take you through to another page. This is where you’ll see all sorts of things about the production, the company and a short video. Tripula has an incredible video showing some of the production, so if you were undecided about coming to view the show you had in mind, click on their box and watch the video; it’ll be sure to change your mind.


Another interesting tab is the programme.

In this tab you’ll see all the productions in order of time and day, something absolutely paramount for planning your festival day out (or week). If there’s a production you’re keen on going to see click on the blue words and it’ll take you to the theatre website so you can grab your tickets!


I’ll quickly just direct you to the taking part tab. Here you’ll see all the ways you can volunteer at the festival.

There’s plenty to see on the website and over the next 5 weeks we’ll be putting loads more up and writing more blog posts like this so keep checking up on this news page.

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